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Just like the classic bun, this is the style you see at the meeting, but with a bit more twist and a bit less of the bun.

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Just like the classic bun, this is a style I see at meets all of the time.
Maybe your gymnast just wants something simple and plain, or maybe your gymnast does not like how braids or buns look in her hair.
A ponytail is something every girl can do, therefore if your gymnast’s hair gets messed up during practice or a meet.
A ponytail will be easy for your gymnast to fix herself instead of worrying about trying to do anything complicated or going through the hassle of trying to find you to re – do her hair!
If your gymnast is not a fan of having hair braided on the top of her head or on the side, this is perfect!
When putting your gymnast’s hair in a ponytail or bun, leave some of the “underneath” hair separated from the rest.
The only thing you have to do is just braid the separated underneath hair, and pull it upward into the ponytail or bun.
A flip – over bun is created the same way as the ponytail but the end of the ponytail is left inside the elastic to create a “loop “.
Also, the end of the ponytail is tucked under and hidden ( see pictures below ).
A simple french braid of the bangs into the bun or ponytail is fine.
We hope this helps on competition day when all the moms ( and dads ) are helping our athletes prepare.
Whether your gymnast is going to practice, a clinic, a meet, or a camp, hair is always something girls are concerned about!
In the sport of gymnastics, it is required that your gymnast’s hair is pulled back so it is out of her face so it does not interfere with her performance.
Not having your hair pulled back can be a distraction and can even cause injuries.
Headbands like these are great for holding your hair back from your face when its in a ponytail or bun.
Boys should wear a t – shirt and shorts with no buttons, zippers or snaps to gymnastics class.
Glasses : If your gymnast wears glasses you want to make sure they won’t fall off.
You also want to make sure you pull your gymnast’s hair out of their face.
They can wear their hair in a ponytail, bun, braid or any hairstyle where it isn’t going to get in the way.
You want to avoid clothes with any snaps, zippers or buckles that could get caught on any of the equipment.
This Danskin rainbow tie die unitard comes in toddler sizes and has enough room if your gymnast is still wearing a diaper.
There are several different styles of leotards, although the most popular for young gymnasts is a tank leotard like the girl in the picture is wearing.
Young gymnasts should have their hair pulled back in a hairstyle that won’t flop in their face and cause safety issues.
You also want to make sure you don’t wear any jewelry other than stud earrings to gymnastics class.
You ‘ve signed your child up for gymnastics class and now you want to know what they should wear!
Depending on your gymnast’s age and gender they will probably wear something different to gymnastics class.
The “proper” gymnastics attire for girls is a leotard, and most girls in the gym will be wearing them.
Older gymnasts, teens or tweens, might wear something slightly different than young gymnasts to gymnastics class.
If they need some support, older gymnasts can wear a sports bra ( or regular bra ) under their leotard.
Older gymnasts might also prefer to wear shorts on top of their leotards so that they feel more comfortable and don’t have to worry about their underwear hanging out, or any other type of wardrobe malfunction.
Older gymnasts should also have their hair pulled back so that it doesn’t get in front of their face or catch on any of the equipment.
We do not require a specific style of hair, however over the years we have come up with a few gymnast preferred styles.
Pig tail braids are ideal for any gymnast who has a backward roll in their routine ( Level 5 and below ), as many gymnasts complain that a regular ponytail or bun hurts their head when rolling backwards.
Tips for this style include keeping the hair close to the head while braiding, and pulling small, even sections to keep the braid neat.
Two, it keeps the pig tails secure and from flying in front of the gymnasts shoulders and getting in their way during flips or turns.
Wu on multiple occasions pulled young gymnasts by their hair when she was dissatisfied with their training, including at least one occasion when Wu allegedly pulled a girl by her ponytail all the way to the ground, according to interviews and three complaints submitted to USA Gymnastics.
Carmen Scanlon said Wu pulled her 10-year – old daughter by her hair off a balance beam to the floor when the girl didn’t perform a skill to her satisfaction.

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